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Mobile Reporting (analytics) tool

The main functionality that you can unlock with upgrading your account is our mobile Reporting tool.
It is an unique way to explore tennis data like you can't do on any other site. Check out a few screenshots below.

Web Reporting (analytics) tool

The main functionality that you can unlock with upgrading your account is our outstanding web Reporting tool.
It is an unique way to explore tennis data like you can't do on any other site. Check out a few screenshots below.

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This is our fun little sandbox for utilizing advanced free AI and Data tools.
All tools used are credited where credit is due with much grattitude to their respective authors/owners.

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Inovatively, showing all tournaments that your selected player played in a chosen year.


Top 15 players head to head matrix for ATP and WTA tours.
Brought to you by, a site that we just love. Last update on 25-May-2021.




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Coming soon: Tennis defeated COVID-19 challenges! In this post we will analyse the current happenings on the ATP and WTA tours as well as some interesting things happening with the players and at selected tournaments.

US Open 2020 - Shoutout from iTennisDB

Tennis is back, alive and kicking! (referencing our previous article) After more than 6 months in hybernation the Tour is well under way and we are in the second week of US Open 2020.

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Arthur Ashe stadium packed with spectators

What a year. A simple (or not so simple) virus COVID-19 has been the decision maker not only on the tennis Tour but all around us. Roger Federer is out with injury, Rafael Nadal concentrating solely on the Roland Garros (in September!) and Novak Djokovic defaulting after a silly incident two days ago.


iTennisDB - Hello World! Again.

We are back, alive and kicking! Our goal is reached as we managed to shout out "Hello World" just in time for US Open 2019.

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Arthur Ashe stadium packed with spectators

The past year was an incredible journey, both rewarding and frustrating :) We faced numerous blows time and time again only to force ourselves to jump back in the saddle and ride victoriously again.


Mobile Reporting How-To Tutorial

This week we are posting a how-to tutorial on our Mobile Reporting tool. We are introducing a fast and intuitive way to analyze tennis matches and statistics on your favourite mobile device. You are a tap away from discovering a small, yet extremely powerful tool.

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mobile reporting tool in action

Mobile Reporting is the lightweight version of our full blown Web Reporting tool. It is specifically designed for small mobile devices. Imagine you are sitting courtside enjoying a tennis match between two less known players and want to learn more about their past performances. It is easy & fun with our new tool, Mobile Reporting.



The Big 4 - How was Your First Time?

How long did it take for The Big 4 to score their first win at a Grand Slam or Masters series tournament? Where did it happen? Against which opponent? We take a look in the past to reinvent those feelings of maiden success. We all like to remember our first time, right?

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all four great players, usually referred to as The Big 4 (image obtained at

All four of them are already considered as Great. Among they they have won 51 Grand Slam titles and 113 Masters series titles. We believe there can never again be such a generation. Such competiveness, such utter domination over the rest of the field.



Roger Federer - Oops!... I Did It Again

Maestro of tennis has once again risen in front of the whole (tennis) world and shone in all his glory. He is the oldest number one ever to reach the top of the ATP rankings (running in this form since 1973). He is, in his heart, though, a mere teenager by the way he expresses his affection towards the beautiful game that is Tenis. It seems more a school crush rather than some tired marriage that sung its last potent song.

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Roger Federer: "Return to number one at 36 was even beyond my dreams"
the first time and the most recent time when becoming world number one (copyright

Incredible achievement: At the age of 36, Roger Federer has reached the summit of the ATP rankings. He did it the 4th time. He did it in style by winning 97th ATP tour title in Rotterdam. For how long can Roger hold on to this position? For how long can he sustain the level of play that brought him unprecedented success yet again?



Djokovic vs. Nadal - The Rivalry with a Twist

One of the great rivalries in sports is the one between Novak Djokovic - Nole (SRB) and Rafael Nadal - Rafa (ESP). They share the record for winning the most Masters titles and their current head to head is set at 26 wins for Djokovic and 24 for Nadal. No other two rivals in tennis have reached such head 2 head tally.

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Toni Nadal: "Now Rafa and Djokovic are friends, in the past they weren't."
nole and rafa getting ready to rumble

Incredible competitors and sportsmen: For many years Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have been battling against eachother, bringing out the best of one another on the biggest of occasions. We are honored to whitness they rivalry evolve and raising tennis to a higher standard each time they compete.



Tennis Fun Facts

Tennis is a very interesting sport with an array of wonderful talents and athletes. In this article we collected some more and less known facts about tennis and its main actors. From history facts to different records that make us love the sport even more. Come back to this article from time to time to see if new facts were added to the list. There is always something intriguing going on in the "white circus".

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John McEnroe: "You cannot be serious!"
roger and pete graduating from tennis

Pete Sampras and Roger Federer: The teacher passing on his knowledge and experience to an uprising star in the beggining of the millennium. Who would have guessed at the time that Mr. Federer would achieve so much in the following years.


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